Inside the Mind of Mary Queen of Scots
Mary Queen of Scots Montage
Mary Queen of Scots was only 18 years old when she arrived in Edinburgh from France in 1561 to take up the Scottish Crown, and only 25 years old when she fled from Scotland in 1568, having been deposed as Queen.

During those turbulent years, her story involved monarchy, her claim to the English throne, religion, politics, treason, rebellion, marriage, human relationships, passion, love, jealousy, hatred, and murder: An exciting, deeply moving, heartbreaking and tragic story.

CrownAmateur historian Roy Johnstone has been studying Mary’s history for 45 years. In a talk for large or small groups or organisations or in a one to one talk, he will invite you to step inside Mary’s mind and imagine what it must have been like for her to deal with the horrendous experiences to which she was subjected at such a young age.

Whether or not you know about Mary’s history, you will find the talk to be informative and fascinating.

The talk will take place by arrangement at the meeting places of groups and organisations or outside one of Edinburgh's stunning historical sites. Booking is essential.

£10.00 per person
Discount available for large and small groups and organisations

Roy Johnstone DURATION:
1 Hour

Please contact
Roy Johnstone on
+44 (0) 7815 178172
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